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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Triple Six Sound Club - "Peyote Party Mixtape

This is some 18 year old dude from my hometown of Minneapolis, MN. It is absolutely heartwarming and awe-inspiring to hear this coming from the place I grew up, I'll start with that. What is it? That's hard to nail down, truthfully. To be so great and difficult to lock down is a rare gift. Hats off to this kid, on the real.

I usually fuck with you here on Magicore with metal and noise varieties, but this time I'm hitting you off some truly epic EDM / dance flavors. Triple Six Sound Club is on some other shit, truthfully. Tribal cyborg hybrid dub techno freejazz industrial electro warehouse rave anthem? Damn straight.

Check this dude out on Soundcloud, for real though (Wiz Khalifa remix and Woofer Wrecker come highly recommended). He's on some other shit everyone is clamoring to obtain. Boom!

Here's the truly rad "Peyote Party Mixtape". You're dumb if you don't love it.

Triple Six Sound Club - "Peyote Party Mixtape"


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