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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

RedSK - Harsh Cubicle


The prolific RedSK gives us yet another new set of jams, this time on the neato-ba-deedo net label run by Dingle (once known as Peppermint Pony), Flaccid Plastic Records. This is some groovy ass harsh glitch noise business going on and on and up and down and left and right and side 2 side. This release contains 4 tracks by RedSK alone, and the 5th and final features teh soup rebellion, one half of SDSA, RedSK and teh soup rebellions Hip Hop group. The second track on the album, When Big Pun Has You By The Throat", one can only imagine this is what that experience would sound like inside your quickly fading consciousness. This is perfect "by the fire side wrapped up in a blanket music", perhaps because the music was created by a man who enjoys his blankets ;)



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