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Friday, January 10, 2014

[Metafiziq] V/A - Damaged N Broken

 photo damagednbroken_zpsd6a011a5.jpg

Fantastic hard music mostly originating from Eastern Europe and supporting that scene. Tracks from artists most of us know such as Stazma the Junglechrist, Goretech, Ruby My Dear, and a whole batch of talented musicians you probably haven't heard of but will be glad of the lifted ignorance once you digest these tasty bits of nasty pretty dirty sometimes awe inspiring electronica.

Personal Rant: Jad Atoui - Leaf Sequence is probably my favorite track on here (besides Gore Tech's dark dirty jungle/breakcore pure awesome offering) and its not just because of the minimally beautiful 'IDM' flavors...... its the sample at the end. Jad Atoui samples Cex. Cex's early 2000's releases "Role Model" and "Oops I Did It Again" are all time favorites of mine. I forget which of these albums Jad Atoui pulls the sample from, but the sample consists of Cex speaking on his perception of music and how he releases it. He essentially says that accessibility is important. That statement is important in this day and age when people are willing to release any old inaccessible garbage they pooped out in their bedroom. I've done it myself. Artistic Quality control is important, you shouldn't be content with releasing anything but your best work. As far as it be accessible to reach the masses as he implies, I would much rather have 1,000 people hear my music than 10, exactly as Cex says. But that is a more personal decision on the part of the artist, whether they care if anyone hears it or not. To elaborate on my previous statement, if you're going to release music and put it in front of people, give them the best you can.



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