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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

V/A - Themeless 6

 photo themeless6art_zps0a757a62.jpg

MAGICORE IS BACK BAY-BAY! BEEN TOO LONG! To start things back off on the right foot, hes a slammin' compilation from our friends over at Breakcore.NL Music. They've been doing this awesome series called "Themeless" for awhile now and have gotten all the way up to the sixth volume. It kicks off with a crossbreed hardcore ass banger from Rott In Pieces. So much tasty kicks und bass. The pace never really slows save a few moments of reprieve allowing the avid listener to come up for a breath of air and give their head-bang abused necks a rest. These moments are few and far between and are always tension building lead ups to more destruction. Great break edits all around, top notch atmospheres, melodies, and composition. This is a fantastic starting point for anyone who wants to hear what the Hardcore electronic family of genres is about. As Tex-nd (track 3) would say.... "Barbra Streisand!"



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