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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Cave Story OST and Remix Album


Magicore's bringing you something very special today. A video game, the original soundtrack for said video game, and a remix album of the original soundtrack. The video game is one of the most successful freeware games of all time, Cave Story. Besides being available for just about any operating system or device, it now has a 3D incarnation on Nintendo's 3DS. Cave Story is a 2d platformer ala Metroid or Castlevania. Uniquely Japanese in appearance, it will definitely be loved by otakus all over the world. That is if they haven't already heard of it. For the non-japanese obsessed, it provides solid and extremely enjoyable gameplay.

The music for Cave Story is your classic Nintendo/Super Nintendo 8bit. Nostalgia is induced constantly. The remix album provides a wide range of interpretations through many genres. Hip Hop instrumentals, blissful Ambient, Neo-Classical arrangements. And of course, a healthy dose of Chiptune antics. The Remix Album is made up of 3 CDs in all.

You all have alot of listening and happy game time ahead of you! Keep an eye on this page, I plan to do a similar post for another free 2d platformer, the fantastic Spelunky!

Cave Story Full Game:

Remix Album:

Remix Album Art:




  1. theres a mysterious character named cthulu in it too... hes in the picture, can u guess who it is? ill give you a hint! hes wearing green!