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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Magical Penis Thief - "A Rabbit Pooped In His Arms"

You know that night where you did a bunch of acid, drank a couple cases of beer, and smoked down an entire bag while sitting in front of some gear with your homies thinking it sounded so awesome. That's what Magical Penis Thief bring us with their release on the incredible Immigrant Breast Nest netlabel entitled "A Rabbit Pooped In His Arms". Except, even the next day or week or month later when you listen to this, unlike aforementioned evening of fun and noises, it still sounds way rad. Crazy noises, squelches, beeps, blips, sub basses, ever changing ebbs and flows of percussive elements, fuzzes, hisses - battling it out for sonic center stage, sometimes with the ferocity of a crazed animal and sometimes with a subtle well executed combo move.

Magical Penis Thief - "A Rabbit Pooped In His Arms"


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