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Friday, November 4, 2011

Jucifer - "Nadir"

Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit! This is like gettin' pregnant when you ain't ever had sex, right up in here. Aural immaculate conception up in this bitch. Motherfucking Jucifer on the ever awesome, ridiculous, incredible, and previously featured Grindcore Karaoke netlabel. I never!

The gypsy like husband and wife duo that is the sonic beast known as Jucifer deliver a free release of their trademark stripped down epic distorted sludge rock which should be heard live and loud on all 76 speakers + 6,500 watts of sound that they herald as their benchmark and which I've experienced live myself. But, in the meantime. Grab this, connect all the audio output devices you own and turn it up real fucking loud. Only after you've smoked about 666 bowls of Kush and drank at least as many skunk beers.

Jucifer - "Nadir"

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