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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Thaw - "Decay"

Holy shit! Ridiculously awesome doom & death metal post rock tainted super occult black metal and blackened industrialized noise from the bowels of the beast. A Polish monstrosity, the likes of which I can't honestly recall. Free download on Bandcamp, you can't go wrong. But, this shit is sitting on par with the Gnaw Their Tongues' more rockin' material, as well as a healthy dose of something else. This is probably the most perfectly mixed/mastered black metal release I've ever heard, plus the music is of that ilk while being unlike anything you've ever heard. This is the soundtrack to your first time reading the Satanic bible on acid as a pre-teen (you didn't do that?...), reinterpreted for your more sophisticated and crotchety old ass. Far out logo, kitschy clever cover art, all the right stuff. I mean, come on. Black metal rules, pull the stick out of your ass and get down with Thaw. Shit.

Thaw - "Decay"

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