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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Fuck The Birds and Beez Mixtape

Fuck The Birds and Beez Mixtape from Kessenchu aka Crackula aka Ol Dirty Coyote, one of the men behind Nom Nom Tunes net label. All the tracks contained within are connected to the Nom Nom Tunes label in some way or another, whether it was actually released on NNT or its affiliated artists. The "mixtape", i prefer mix-dl, starts off with some singer-song writer steez (totally unexpected but refreshing) then jumps straight to tooth_eye on some breakcore tip for track 2. Fuck The Birds continues with more traditional forms of EDM, though there are still some chip pit stops and IDM grocery outlets along the way. Grab this for your summer rides and nights on the porch drinkin' yo 40 oz!



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