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Monday, March 5, 2012

Matthewdavid - "Jewelry"

Leaving Records headmaster Matthewdavid offering up a free release right before he and Sun Araw set off on tour. "Jewelry" is, in his own words via Twitter, "19mins of new, original material.... a Rolling Stones flip, a R&B ballad, 2 unreleased remixes, dub, trap, future funk....". And that's exactly what you get. Almost unbearably short, it serves as a sort of enticing piece of work to get you out to the gigs in your area as he and friends are on the road. Closely on the heels of EMV's incredible "Resolutions" release, it carries that same torch of sunburnt smoked out lo-fi high-def hazy sound collage with grace and more than a little bit of sideways funk. Really can't get enough of the Leaving Records crew and the whole batch of somewhat similar sounds cropping up as of late.

Matthewdavid - "Jewelry"

Catch him on tour, if you can. Hope to sort myself some transportation this Wednesday for their stop here.


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