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Friday, March 2, 2012

Mochipet - Mochipet Laptop Stolen on Tour in New Orleans​.​.​.


from Mochipet's Facebook post-

"So someone went into my bag last night and stole my laptop from the Dragons Den in New Orleans. If you have any idea about the whereabouts I will offer a reward more then the value if the laptop. I have 4 more shows to play this week and songs that I can't get bk. It was a 15" MacBook Pro with a purple hard shell case and a Ableton Live gel keyboard cover on it.Please help me Repost & spread the word to your friends"

OMG! what is wrong with people? Makes me afraid to leave my stuff un attended for even a second at a show. My laptop is my life. I spend most of my time some way using my laptop, whether its listening to music, watching movies/tv shows, making music, communicating with people, shopping, etc. Basically everything in my life revolves around being able to use my laptop. To have it stolen would be crippling. Cheers to Mochipet for finishing his tour without it! I don't know if I'd be able to keep going. WELL, PLEASE HELP MOCHIPET GET A NEW LAPTOP BUY DONATING WHEN YOU DOWNLOAD THIS AWESOME ALBUM! ITS GOT SOME OF HIS BEST STUFF ON HERE, GOIN ALL THE WAY BACK YEARS!



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