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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Somatic Responses - Viral Hybrid


Blasted breaks and cantankerous kicks still slick with the creative juices of one of the most famous teams in dark electronic music, Somatic Responses. Viral Conspiracy celebrates its 50th release with an assaulting 4 track EP by Somatic Responses, fitting festivities for the up and coming hard electronics net label. Cold and clinical, S.R. brings 4 slabs of meticulous marching songs to be sung by the freshly damned. Only the ruined throats and shredded ears of the hardcore student are capable to sing the praises and digest the audacious hymnals contained herein. The ripping synths contained within will make you wish for modern medicines cool embrace, audio capable of instilling the fiercest anxiety upon the listener. Make ready, you've been warned.



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