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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Amphetamine Virus - Gradual Shift


Heavy hitting, down to the nitty gritty grime kind of release from the one and only Amphetamine Virus. Completely different from what I am used to hearing from A.V. I don't think there is a single point on this album that goes over 200 bpm. Five tracks, all over the five mark except for one clocking in at almost four minutes (though thats the one song closest to standard breakcore fare). Dark and dirty, mixing crossbreed hardcore electronics with the various popular step genres that are eating up dance floors around the world making a far more accessible product from the standard EDM head. Joints like "One Side" are very reminiscent of producers such as End.user, Rotator, Panacea.. the list goes on. Definitely a professional outing. I have a feeling the material contained within will be finding its way into many mixes over the year. Dont be left out.



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