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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

[tlr] - Homunculus

From thee tortured extra-dimensional bowelz ov many an ill-fated [tlr] laptop gvrglez forth a seriez ov twiztid kreationz that warp and twizt thee mynd into a frenzy with ravehyper stabz 'n merciless fractured breakcore! Their new release 'Homunculus' representz thee surviving experimental portalz alchemically forged over thee yearz with thought crystals in thee digital wilds by this sonic mastermynd. Newly released on thee naboa net-label, take a demented carnival ride down thee rainbow nightmare slide and on into thee sub-molecular doom ov reality and then go ahead and tell us what you think in thee comments here afterwardz... ;]


~ johan ess ~

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