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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Various Artists - Irreverent Music V.A. Showcase


Irreverent Music drops a 2 Disc release, their first official release cat. [IMU01]. Irreverent Music V.A. Showcase is a top notch collection of hardcore EDM. Ranging from 3 minute breakcore bangers to 8 minute hardcore jaunts reminiscent of the classic Bloody Fist style. This hardcore jaunt spoken of is The Kraker's "StupidDruggedCunt" track, it keeps your attention all the way through. Audiotist's "Friday Fever" possibly evokes the most sorrowful reaction from the word "fuck" from a breakcore track. With 2 full CDs worth of material, none of which leaves you wanting, makes a must download if not purchase the album when its released on CD. You can go to Irreverent Music Website for pre-order information as well as download links for album art and the music in FLAC audio format as well as a torrent download option. The below link is for the VBR mp3 zip, which does not contain the album art.



heres Audiotist's "Friday Fever":

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