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Friday, December 14, 2012

kessenchu – my kinda scene is crime scene


Magicore and Robo! Robotica's long time musical friend Kessenchu finally drops another full length album! It is very difficult to work out the genre classification intricacies that make up "My Kinda Scene is a Crime Scene", besides the fact that it is definitely some sort of chip music. The songs contained within are reminiscent of the classical punk sound, the driving bass, simple melodies, and aggressive vocals. All of the songs are radio pop size tidbits, although the content is far from pop. While most of the albums sounds are limited to a chip "base" there are some welcome and surprising splashes of variety. A number of songs feature the classic amen breakbeat. These creep in towards the end of a couple songs, slowly fading in to, presumably, create a sense of urgency and/or add to the pump up the energy of the track as it reaches its end. Kessenchu's sound has evolved since he first dropped on Robo! Robotica. "My Kinda Scene is a Crime Scene" sees Kessenchu's sound grow up by leaps and bounds. No longer just another chip grind carbon copy. Kessenchu has begun to define his own personal sound. Its not bad either. "My Kinda Scene is a Crime Scene" is sure to be very popular in chip musics many cliques. Welcome to the new and improved, more mature, Kessenchu.



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