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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Dental Work & Iamdeadsmiles58 - Father


Iamdeadsmiles58, Dental Work, Tooth_Eye, and Melted Cassettes bring you the follow up to last years "Mother", the aptly titled "Father". The album starts out with a 20 minute breakcore/noise/hip hop opus by Dental Work featuring Tooth_Eye's remix of Dental Work, along with a barrel full of other tracks. Dental Work does not disappoint. The rest of the album is comprised of Iamdeadsmiles58's brand of digital grindcore. His sound has gradually evolved into a far more enjoyable and easy to digest product. Melted Cassettes lends vocals on "Running Away" and Tooth_Eye provides amens and kicks for "Don't Die Kid". Digital Grindcore has come along way since the myspace days. Iamdeadsmiles58's material on "Father" is a good example of the direction the genre is going... and that direction is a positive one. "Father" is a joint release between Sirona-Records (France) and Placenta Recordings (USA).



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