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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

1234 - How To Get To 1234


"How to get to 1234" is third in a series of albums, each a separate alias of the artist known as Iamdeadsmiles58. With "How to get to 1234" Tito (as Iamdeadsmiles58 is known) shows a softer side and that he has influences that are far more eclectic than simply grindcore and harsh electronics. Iamdeadsmiles58 cites Trip-Hop as a big influence on this record, which is exhibited well with the slower paced break beats and synth noodlings like in "femmes jeux vidéo" which contains chip bleeps and bloops swimming in and out of existence within the french chatter and consistant low bpm mechanical drum break. . While more mellow than other Iamdeadsmiles58 efforts, it is no less dark. Low octave synth growls abounds. For those that aren't fans of high pitch screams, which happens to be an Iamdeadsmiles58 trademark, are absent. 'Its a good thing' as a certain home maker felon would say. High pitched grind vocals would only detract from the well established vibe of "How to get to 1234". Well chosen samples mesh well with what appears to be Iamdeadsmiles58's blossoming talent with psychedelic downtempo hip hop flavored message tracks as shown with the track "Corruption". I've watched this artist mature over the past few years, feeling out and developing his own brand of harsh grindy electronics, well made with a minimal set up. "How to get to 1234" shows a more seasoned artist, willing to explore far different sounds from his previously established style. Everything isn't perfect. "Another Joy Killer" has an enjoyable, slow breakcore vibe, which is later elaborated on in the next track "I Created a Monster In You", though goes on too long. "I Created A Monster In You" has well done high auto tune vocals and some sweet gabber kicks and supporting drum kit, but again it drags on a tad too long. With each track clocking in at on average five minutes, it makes each song a slight endeavor. Although, despite the longer song times, there isn't blaring repetition to be found. Only in the piece "Alone" do you find any kind of irritation. It takes until nearly four minutes through for any real development to happen, but the majority of the track is the same few notes on the piano pounded out over and over again. The piece would be much better suited to a phasing minute interlude. The album picks up some with the next track, a veritable cemetery drum and bass joint brimming with warbling organs and wailing females. The real beauty in this track is the supporting sound fx flourishes and samples. The light break that phases comes in and out does the same diddle through out. Still, much promise is to be found. If honed, a more refined version of this style is very much of the breakcore great, Ablecain. Though Iamdead was inspired by trip hop, little is to be found here. Instead there are promising buds of Breakcore, Stoner Hip Hop, and Jungle/Drum n' Bass. My hopes are for this artist to move in those directions even more with the next effort. Until then, enjoy "How to get to 1234".

Released on the superb french net label, Sirona Records.



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