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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Anorak - Breakbeat Overdose

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Superb breakcore EP from Anorak. Well produced energetic edits get you pumped while samples with sweet timing assail you, pulling you completely in. The edits at times remind me of personal favorites dev/null or Venetian Snares ("Bolt Thrower" and "Higgins" eras respectively), spastic and engaging. Gets the adrenaline flowing. The track that stood out the most to me was "Up Your Inuendo", which also happens to be the opening song. Ravey synth stabs jump between sporadic nasty breaks, though fairly standard kits, are in no way boring due to the sweet cuts perpetrated by Anorak. Anorak lives up to the reputation of Bristol, UK being a hot spot for tasty breakcore happenings. While still a fairly hard release, gabber kicks are relatively absent (although the track "Leave a LiTTle Piece" gets head bangy with a crossbreed groove). Instead you find acid licks, ravey stabs, and a capella shout outs. Altogether an enjoyable four track EP experience. A happy addition to any breakcore fanatics collection.