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Monday, May 20, 2013

[SOFTWARE POST] Integra Live


"Integra Live is an application that makes it easy to use interactive audio processing to create new music. The software was originally supported through the EU funded Integra Project, and is now developed by Integra Lab at Birmingham Conservatoire. The software has applications in education as well as professional artistic practice and opens up new possibilities for those seeking an entry point into interactive ‘live electronics’.

With the Integra Live routing panel, anything can be connected everything else. External MIDI controllers can be routed to module parameters, or parameters can be routed to each other.

This allows complex one-to-many mappings and advanced operations such as automatic event triggering through a single simple interface. Parameters have non-linear ranges where you’d expect, allowing for more musical control over details such as filter cutoff and delay times. Scaling is of course fully adjustable.

For those who like to express themselves through text, all module parameters in Integra Live can be scripted through Integra script a lightweight superset of the Lua language. In just a few lines of simple code a parameter can be set to change randomly or conditionally based on the values of other parameters." - From the Integra website



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