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Thursday, May 23, 2013

HIMIKO - DethNoizzz

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HIMIKO brings it hard and dirty with "DethNoizzz". Filthy gabber kicks support guttural death metal vocals and shredding, mixed well with HIMIKO's higher pitched shrieks. Most of the tracks have a sludgy slow pace, like plodding through a sewer where Carl Crack's spirit drowns any interlopers with discordant ectoplasmic slime. While the album is mostly made up of a well balanced mixture of various incarnations of extreme metal and digital hardcore stylings, there are smatterings of dubstep, electronic hardcore, breakcore, and crossbreed. D-TRASH proves its worth and relentless dedication to the music with another fine free release. Be sure to check out HIMIKO's last release "Fuck Off", a digital hardcore re-workings of classic American thrash metal tunes. Mochipet was close, but GIRLS LOVE DIGITAL HARDCORE!



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