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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

[A​+​H013] v/a - Architects + Heroes Sampler Vol. 2

"Two years since the 12 new, archived, and stylistically varied tracks from a then modest roster of artists were collected for their inaugural release, Los Angeles' own Architects + Heroes returns this month with part two in their ongoing "Sampler" compilation series. This time around, they present fresh work from both longtime affiliates Kemek and Demon Slayer, Ninja Tune-affiliated multimedia artist Neotropic, and recent signees, QBLA and The Koreatown Oddity. Moving across ambient textures, experimental hip-hop, and even tender, beat-based love songs is all in a day's work for these voracious Miracle Mile mainstays, keen to exhibit the full splendors of their musical surroundings."

Featuring a dope track from Demon Slayer.


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