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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Toxic Chicken - Flastic Fantastique

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Toxic Chicken comes through silly and strong with this fine release on the DIY Warrior net/limited run label Flaccid Plastic Records. 6 tracks. Almost 20 minutes of material. Despite the short run time, you are transported away to an alien planet... a twisted dreamscape where mutant women whisper backwards computer chatter with a feminine flair seeping into your ears through digital backwash. Twitchy minimal mechanical electro is absorbed by gelatinous IDM frog beings, now pulsating with a light blue inner glow inducing synesthesia..... Groovy, happy ditties exhibiting IDM playfulness in a way reminiscent of Mouse on Mars' more playful moments. Weirdo melodies mesh nicely with well chosen vocal samples, the main perpetrators behind the cheerfully odd atmosphere. Toxic Chicken comes through once again with another swell release. I am proud to be label mates with this guy. Don't miss this one.



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