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Friday, February 3, 2012

Black Vulture - "Way"

Self proclaimed "experimental black metal" from Rio De Janeiro courtesy of the wretched creature known as Black Vulture. This definitely isn't going to be for everyone, even seasoned black metal fans and experimental music fans alike. At moments, truthfully, I find myself taking it seriously and pondering why in the hell someone would release this pile of filth. But at just as many moments, if not more, I'm totally engaged, intrigued, and thoroughly enjoying what I would call an absolutely brilliant release. It's a fine line between genius and insanity, as they say, and Black Vulture puts you to the test trying to discern where its material falls.

Most notably putting off is one of the primary vocal styles employed, a sort of kitschy screech that I'm just not very fond of. But, I find myself not noticing it or enjoying its use in certain places on the record, being fully engulfed in enjoying some other aspect of the track at the same moment. The drums on "Way" range from a sort of hack live improv feel to really well orchestrated stompy chuggy metal chops; sometimes it sounds like percussive vomit and at other points it feels so spot on and well rehearsed. Other than that, I really enjoy the sound of the snare used. The bass and guitar work sounds like blackened noisy psych rock workouts on a ten strip while throwing a party in Hell. Spastic while still very much like a heat seeking missile on its path into the mouth of a volcano, the tone and efforts here really make the album shine.

And fuck it, I like the album cover, too.

Black Vulture - "Way"


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