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Monday, February 20, 2012

Encryptor - "Sludgery"

Real. Fucking. Good.

Sydney grindy/fastcore/powerviolence band, originally called Ballistic Assault Unit. Members also played in Dot Dot Dot, Gracist and Hypnotoad and went on to form others like ROFL and the Ed Rodrigues Trio.
Recorded December 2001 with Fred Rodrigues, these tracks were originally intended for a split with Brisbane's Brain Resin on Deplorable Records, then Spin Control was going to do something with it up 'til fairly recently I think...all to no avail. Finally up and available here now, 10 years and untold dead braincells later.

Influenced by the likes of Discordance Axis, Spazz, Pig Destroyer, I-Spy and Swallowing Shit, ENCRYPTOR (not the Christian death metal band) were known for 20 minute sets of ruthless blastcore sans bass player.

Encryptor - "Sludgery"


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