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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Idol's Pague - "Angels To Some... Demons To Others"


I had the pleasure of randomly catching these guys here in Arizona the night before my birthday. I was looking for something to do, considering it was my birthday weekend, and couldn't find anything. I texted a few people here I know and it looked like I might not be doing anything cool for my birthday. Until one of them texted back (Hi, Christi!) and offered to take me to this dive bar she was a fan of. Sounded like as good an option as any, considering it was - as I mentioned - my birthday weekend and that I also love dive bars. Come to find out there were some bands playing, described as stoner/punk from one of the bartenders. I was down. A couple other bands played, and I enjoyed them - but I don't remember who they were, as I obviously didn't enjoy them all that much. But I remember Oakland's Idol's Plauge.

Idol's Plague play a pretty rad concoction of various types of metal. Especially cool is that they are as awesome as they are and there's only two members - a drummer and a guitarist/vocalist. With just the two of them, they hit the stage like a dual monolithic powerhouse not often experienced from even a more full and traditionally well rounded band. The drummer is super tight and on point, ridiculous shifts in time signature and tempo, then back again with cool fills and rolls executed perfectly. The guy responsible for vocal and guitar work is a nice one two punch in the gut, blood vessel bursting agonizing screams and riffs upon riffs all drenched in distortion and feedback.

The vocalist hung out with us for a bit after their set and talked shop. Cool motherfucker. I bought their CD and talked my own shop. He said it was cool if I ripped the CD and included it with a review, so that's fucking awesome.

Their bio or whatever from their Facebook page reads:

A creation inspired by the negligence and frustration of sitting still... By complacent, unchallenged ears and minds that provoke an excuse for us to explode frantically, spiritually, aggressively, without a second thought of tomorrow.

You get the picture. Super dope. If you get the chance, go check 'em out live. Until then, here.

Idol's Plague - "Angels To Some... Demons To Others"


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