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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

SRAVANA108/THE NOTHING * I'm Ashamed To Be Human

Srvana108 and The Nothing "I'm Ashamed To Be Human" starts off with a ten minute piece of epic musical story telling. A swirl of jungle-esque breakbeats court neo classical flourishes and ambient washes. Dancing through a myriad of genres, such as dubstep, ambient, idm, and more hardcore leanings, "I'm Ashamed To Be Human" captivates. Though i can describe the music contained within with genres, the categories do not do the music justice. Each track has a unique take and blend on our preconceived notions of musical styles. Though a good portion of the album carries a serious tone, there are moments (which you will recognize immediately) full of humor. One of the better electronic releases i have heard in awhile.



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