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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Pregnant Spore - The Self CDr

Pregnant Spore brings a well crafted offering of noise cutlets to the table. 24 servings of cold noise. Harsh by all means, bass destruction and hi pitch shrieks are definitely there, but still containing the right measurement of sonic ambience and vocal melancholy to keep it from becoming stale. All the material was recorded live in one take, live composition. It came out beautifully. At times the pitches become too high to be enjoyed (though the enjoyment is a matter of taste), but infrequent enough to keep me from changing to something else. Suggested for fans of analog noise. I am reminded of Merzbow at times while listening to this release. I think thats a good thing. Limited to 40 CDr copies from Rainbow Bridge Records, now for free download! Check it out!



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